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Overloading the Machine -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Don't cancel Boomtown [10 Oct 2003|11:45pm]

It looks like my favorite television show, Boomtown, is going to be canceled by NBC. Since I only watch 2-3 shows a week, this is annoying. To my surprise, when I tuned in tonight to watch Boomtown, I was instead confronted with a rerun of Law & Order SVU, a show I can't stand (despite being a fan of the other Law and Order shows).

Below is a slightly edited copy of the e-mail I shot off to NBC. If you like the show as well, try visiting this link:


There is a petition to sign. They recommend doing numerous other things at that site to express your opinion that I find a little obsessive, but different strokes for different folks. It is, after all, just a television show. But dammit, it's actually a good one.

To: boomtown@nbc.com
Subject: Cancelation is a big mistake
Reply-To: johnsu01@yahoo.com
Gcc: nnfolder+archive:posted_messages
--text follows this line--

Just finished not watching a rerun of SVU.

I watch very little television. Three hours or less a
week. Boomtown has occupied one of those hours every time it
has been on for the last year. True, I grew somewhat
disappointed as I noticed the toning-down of the
multiple-perspective approach in the first two episodes of
this season. Even in its more linear form, though, I still
enjoyed the show -- the acting was fantastic and the story
lines strong.

I hope you decide to bring it back. Also, I would expect
more professionalism from NBC no matter what the final
decision about the show is. To play clips from the upcoming
episode and then decide less than a week before to cancel it
is bush league and demonstrates a lack of both confidence
and competence. To replace the show with a rerun of a
mediocre spin-off is almost insulting. Some of us do not
just come home and drop on the couch and watch whatever is
on, but instead plan for particular shows.

Keeping quality programming like Boomtown around might just
encourage those who have tuned out television to tune back
in -- and to tune back in to NBC. I always bring up Boomtown
in conversations about television, and I find that most of
the people I talk to just don't know about it. If you allow
it to be unique, and put some effort into advertising and
promoting it, I think it will succeed, perhaps even in the
miserable time slot you have assigned it.
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