johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

I'm On to Something

Why doesn't Whole Foods carry blackeyed peas? They carry like Organic Eastern Mongolian Spiced Aduki Beans (A Low-Carb Vegan Food), but no blackeyed peas.

I've been to 3 Whole Foods in this area, of varying sizes, and none of them have blackeyed peas. I have checked periodically at all of them over the last year.

Why is this?

I think it's classist. I'm only halfway joking. It's definitely telling.

It may also just be that for some reason the Whole Foods 365 brand doesn't have blackeyed peas. And since they can't sell their own brand, they won't sell anyone else's either.

Anyone know what Whole Foods's union position is like? This is an issue of growing concern to me. Wal-Mart is really putting the squeeze (indirectly) on the grocer unions, particularly in California right now. Results are of course slashed benefits and wages.


Starbucks has now moved their ads _inside_ the subway trains. Having colonized the outsides, they are now working on the insides. When I think of excessive advertising, I will now think of these white poster Starbucks ads. No longer will the AOL coasters come to mind.


Tonight's dinner (mine) was brought to you (me) by Bombay Classic in Arlington, 9 AB Medford St Arlington, MA 02476 (781) 648-7557. I recommend them, highly. Samosa and Peshwari Naan in particular.

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