johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Upcoming film about Charles Olson

"Gloucester filmmaker Henry Ferrini wants to usher in a new era of appreciation for the writer. Ten years in the making, Ferrini is in the final phases of 'Poet & the City,' a documentary on Olson and his beloved seaport. This Saturday, the filmmaker will host an event at the Cape Ann Historical Association including a screening of his work-in-progress and readings by Olson scholars."

The excerpt is from an article in today's Globe about the film, which also has some interesting tidbits about Olson.

I'm not sure who the Olson scholars reading at the event will be, but the article does say that John Malkovich will probably be narrating the final version of the film.

I don't think I'm going to make it to Gloucester this weekend, but I'll keep it in mind.

As always, you can use BugMeNot to read the Globe article if need be.

Tags: boston globe, charles olson, film, movie, poetry
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