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Solar-powered laptop bag: boom or bust?

Without actually owning or using the product, I review it, negatively. If anyone ever tries one of these things out, please let me know.

I thought while reading the NYT that this solar-powered laptop bag could steal the number-one spot on my gadget want-list.

It has cells, and a battery, so that you can charge all your electronic devices while walking around in the sun!

Not only is this convenient for being a technologically enabled radical urban nomad who could use some more sun, but it is also a great step environmentally. If I'm charging those devices in the sun, then I'm not plugging them in and burning some lovely coal to charge them later (though the bag does include the plug for the coal and/or nuclear-power option).

As both a geek and an environmentally concerned person, I have a lot of guilt about my power usage.

But wait --- this laptop bag won't charge your laptop! Now, that's stupid. At least they are not shy with this information. The bag is designed to charge all your other stuff --- cell phone, mp3 player, iPod, etc.

I'm disappointed. I think I'll wait for the laptop model. I don't, and will never, have an iPod. They do have a pouch, though, which might be handy for my phone. Well, wait --- I was thinking about putting the pouch inside my other bag, but I don't guess it would get much light there!

So, there's not enough of a benefit to convince me to walk around with solar panels on my back --- yet. But this gives me hope that such a future is nearly here.

Tags: batteries, gadgets, laptop bags, solar power
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