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This looks like a nice way to travel from Boston to New York City. More expensive than a Greyhound, but maybe less expensive than a plane or Acela.

LimoLiner offers mobile professionals high-quality, personal business services that enable you to be productive en route for your entire trip. It’s the only travel alternative between Boston and New York with seatside power outlets, unlimited wireless Internet access, clear and constant cell phone reception, an onboard attendant, and worktables for meetings.

A one-way ticket on the bus is $76. That's substantially more than Greyhound or Peter Pan --- more than twice as much --- but is competitive with flying and with taking the train. At 4 hours, it's also competitive time-wise with the whole airport to airport experience.

You can view all of their obnoxious marketing materials if you're interested. They're not paying me and I haven't tried it yet. Just passing on interesting info.

Tags: buses, new york city, nyc
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