johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Tools for your avant-box

This is a very nice collection of tools and methods. I'm a little jealous, as I was planning to do something like this.

Language is a Virus collects a variety of tools and methods that many of us know, use, and love. It provides tools for doing cut-ups, Exquisite Corpse, Mad-Libs, haiku, collage, and much more.

I found this via a post on 43folders. I saw the name go by a few days ago on, but decided it wasn't interesting enough to check out. Oops.

It looks like a lot of programs I was planning to write have already been written. After a quick survey, I don't see any notes on the page about the licensing status of the software/scripts. I hope the authors have or will release them as free and open source software. I think that's the thing to do to stay in the cut-up / sampling / anti-original-genius spirit.

Tags: writing
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