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To work on later..


You stretched ahead of me
a vine I could climb
but the knots---

There are many differences.
The first is the porch crumbled
beneath your feet.
The second is, thinly,
that the sidewalk
held firm to my best kicks
and left it at that.

Written on the chair's arm,
you said---
I wanted to listen
so many times when I left
I wanted to make
your speech my torrent
inside out to find inside
a youth in traffic
busy at burying tough thoughts
in paper, rhythmically hiding tracks
until all seemed, sounded
just right on the trail.

"just write", but "bullshit"
so many times I dropped
and wanted to listen
to pick everything up
"This is not an issue
    of cleanliness,
  This is an issue
    of security."
through a haze of sonic safety

"oops", but "fuck it"
I let one slip in fact
many facts in fact
while writing I saw
nothing, heard less
and wanted it all
to be true, fortunately
the lustless decisions
were not mine and
already made, safely.
There was only
your insistence to be seen,
at length.

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