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Jewel concert at South Station

I'm not sure who decided it was a good idea to have a Jewel concert in South Station start at the tail end of rush hour.

It wasn't a good idea.

I just goofed up and deleted the excellent crowd picture I took while shoving (literally) my way through the crowd of mothers, daughters, and generally confused people in an attempt to get to my train, so you'll have to imagine it.

I don't doubt that some people never made it to their train.

Ah, so it's part of this absurd promotion in which the MBTA agreed to temporarily rename the Green Line the Yellow Line, and to allow Jewel to stage a coup. She took full control of a train which then did not allow passengers to board while it whizzed through the stations along its route, so that she could play a concert on the train.

Dear MBTA,

Quit breaking the transportation system with stupid stunts. Focus on doing your damn job. I understand that you need money. I can see that from the fact that you increased the price of my monthly pass by 30%. While that is frustrating, it is a lot less frustrating to see you doing things to try to make the system stable and self-sufficient by its own revenues than it is to see you renting out the space the public is paying for in ways that cause tremendous inconvenience to the public in order to raise a few extra dollars on the side. Note that nobody was paying to see this concert. If you need to promote yourselves, try doing it in a way that doesn't damage your reputation at the same time.

Also, doing a promotion for the Yellow Pages? What's next, a promotion for Betamax?

Tags: boston, jewel, mbta, south station, stupidity
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