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Thinkpad project advice

For a while now I've been blathering about how I'm going to blank the keyboard on my X40. I think soon I'm actually going to do it, and I need some advice.

I want to remove the letters from the keys, so the keys will be all black (or gray, depending on which keys we're talking about) -- kind of like Das Keyboard, but without the annoying Das Keyboard logo.

The reason for this is primarily that I type on a Dvorak layout, but the keyboard is QWERTY. Although this is OK, I do think that it's beginning to fry my brain. Also, I believe that a blank keyboard will increase my typing speed and reduce errors. And, I think it might help me get laid. It will certainly make it harder for anyone to use my laptop, which will heighten the sensation that it's mine, all mine.

I have a couple of extra Thinkpad keyboards to practice on before I try the real thing.

I've been told that the best way to go is to use fine sandpaper and jeweler's rouge. The letters are actually slightly raised from the keys, so they can be sanded off. But I have no experience with either of these products. I've used sandpaper before, but I've never decided or cared what grade of sandpaper to use for a project, and I had never heard of jeweler's rouge until this recommendation. As you can see, I'm well prepared to take this on.

So, any advice? What grade of sandpaper should I use? How many grits? Does someone sell some nifty form factor of sandpaper that would be perfect for this kind of detailing? Anything I need to know about the rouge? I assume I have to use the black rouge, although who knows, maybe the different colors are for different purposes and don't actually leave their color on whatever you use them on.

Or, is there a better set of tools and materials to use? Don't say acetone.
Tags: detailing, ibm, mod, project, thinkpad, weird, woodworking
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