johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

MBTA disconnections

I just waited 30 minutes for a bus to work. There should have been 2 buses in that time -- a 553 and a 554. Instead there were none. There were people at the stop when I got there too, so who knows how long it had been in total.

Eventually a 556 showed up, which I took to Newton Corner, thinking I could connect with the 504 -- a vastly inferior route to work.

A 504 was waiting when we got there. Our driver knew that we wanted to connect with a Downtown bus, so he pulled up behind it and honked several times. We hopped out and ran to catch it. We were alongside the 504 when it pulled away! Had to run him down at the next traffic light. Then turns out his shiny new fare collector was broken.

Grrr. I see this happen a lot. The drivers / schedulers make no effort to adjust in order for connections to happen. This is contrary to what I saw in San Francisco, where they announced that they were sitting for a minute to do just that.
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