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Comments while watching FOX local news

Dear Massachusetts GOP,

Re: Gubernatorial race

The best thing you can come up with is that Patrick, as a lawyer, defended a cop killer; and that his running mate, as a lawyer, defended sex offenders?

Yes, when you are accused of a crime, you get a lawyer. I know your party is trying hard to change that (and the Democrats are letting you do it), but it is still the case.

New parking meters in Boston take credit cards. You put your card in a machine and it prints out a slip that you put on your windshield.

This means that you can no longer use the remaining time from the person who was in the spot before you.

These machines are rather ugly. I haven't seen them lined up on the street yet but I have to think it's going to look weird.

This opens up more surveillance possibilities. Quarters don't have your name on them, but your card does. We all know we're headed that way anyway. (The machines do still take cash.)

Snow in Detroit already? Wow.

A goose is walking around with an arrow shot through its torso.

Animal handling people restrain the goose and remove the arrow.

FOX newscaster says she hopes they "find whoever did this, if it was malicious." Yeah. I'm sure they've got lots of leads. They've got detectives working in shifts.

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