johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

The Olive Branch

baughj and I tried to go to the Olive Branch in Arlington for dinner tonight.

It was closed. Like, permanently.

I'm second guessing myself now, because I didn't actually get out of the car to look inside, but my lingering impression is that all of the tables and fixtures were gone, though the sign was still up on the outside.

That's very sad. It was a great restaurant. I'll miss their spanikopita, which they would make vegan on request, and their fries and their falafel and their lentil soup. The owner was very friendly as well, and always willing to deliver some poignant anti-Bush rants along with the fresh pita bread, given a little provocation.

I was really spoiled by the ubiquity of delicious mediterranean food in the parts of Michigan where I lived. It's a bummer to lose this place here, especially after already losing the place in Watertown. Boston is already hurting in this area.

I hope I'm wrong. I guess I'll have to try Cafe Barada in Cambridge.
Tags: arlington, boston, diary, food, restaurant
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