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Week in Review

This might be a new habit, looking back on the week and recording random things. It's more important to me than it is to you, I know. They'll always have this title, so you can just skip it if you want, it being the kind of blogging that people complain about. But sometimes I need to check in with my navel. And also braindump. I'll use cuts to protect the uninterested.

I tried a couple new beers this week. The Stone Vertical Epic Ale 06 is fantastic. It might replace the Smoky Porter as my favorite Stone beer. The Imperial Russian Stout is also incredible, but it's a stout and is the right beer for fewer occasions. Speaking of stouts, I tried the Dogfish Chicory Stout and it's good. It's not that stout and not that chicory, just a good balance.

On Friday I saw A Scanner Darkly. Just days before seeing it, I'd read the book and also listened to an interview with Richard Linklater on Fresh Air. Strangely, he's never done drugs. I'm determined to read more PKD. I got some quotes out of the book that I plan to use in some poetry in the future. The movie included a lot of verbatim text from the book. I was especially impressed with the way Barris was done.

I ended the week listening to Jonathan Lethem's presentation at the NYIH Comedies of Fair Use conference. I've read one book by him (Gun, With Occasional Music) but should read more.

Learned that my work trip to Portland is a no-go, but I'll still be going to San Francisco in mid-August. I need to get in touch with Naropa folks there and make plans to see them, and see if I should be extending my trip with some vacation days to hang out. I'm supposed to start doing some public presentations/speaking for work (and I want to), but I've got to focus more on what kinds of topics and audiences I can do a good job with.

Installed a new system, named "palmer", continuing the naming scheme of poets that are important to me. I did a Debian stable net install, and it booted, but after upgrading to testing and a much later kernel, it won't boot anymore. Some problem with IDE something or other. I look forward to moving the services that are running on a severely overtaxed Thinkpad A21m ("ohara") over to this much hardier box.

The construction around my apartment finished, though there is still a lot of yellow caution tape out front that starts oscillating a surprisingly long time before a train goes by. I saw a mouse in my house but haven't seen it for a few days. I think it was probably running away from the ecosystem disruption caused by the steam shovel rather than taking up permanent residence.

Started Season 5 of the Sopranos, and a book called Copyrights and Copywrongs. Downloaded some Eric Dolphy (Far Cry) and wondered why I didn't do that sooner. Made some more progress reading The Elephant Vanishes and retract my earlier semi-criticism.

I'm not real satisfied with the way I've been eating, and I'm trying to find a reasonable way back to cooking more frequently. It's hard shopping and cooking for 1.

Discovered that Brad Mehldau has two new albums out, one of which is recordings with his old trio. Can't wait to check that out. Unfortunately he is still not really playing in the US. He has some dates at the Village Vanguard in NYC in October that I may be forced to check out. I have no idea how much tickets are there but I can't imagine they're reasonable. But he's worth it.

Other than that, I spent a lot of time sweating. It's been hot and I still don't have my AC hooked up. I'm trying to avoid it, but I should at least get a fan.

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