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Sleep, or, strong like a liger

My sleeping habits are not what most people would call "normal". I wouldn't say that I have trouble sleeping. The trouble I have is in convincing myself that it's time to go to bed. "I do my best work at night," as they say.

My sleeping habits are not (yet) as weird as R's, who would go to bed at 6pm and wake up at 2am to write. It's 8 hours I guess. But it's bizarro 8. I'm still generally doing 4-6 hours.

Anyway, it's been a bad week for sleepers (i.e., everyone) in the news.

Too much sleep may double risk of disease

A team of scientists has found that people who sleep at least nine hours a night are almost twice as likely to develop Parkinson's disease as those who get by on six hours or less.

Sleep deprivation doubles risks of obesity in both children and adults

Professor Cappuccio points out that short sleep duration may lead to obesity through an increase of appetite via hormonal changes caused by the sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep produces Ghrelin which, among other effects, stimulates appetite and creates less leptin which, among other effects, suppresses appetite. However he says more research is needed to understand the mechanisms by which short sleep is linked to chronic conditions of affluent societies, such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

Cake or death? I think I'll err on the side of cake and obesity.

"He's not fat. He's just strong, like a liger."

-- Pumpkinhead, "Anything"

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