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Junction and Wengophone

I've been playing with SIP stuff the last couple days, trying to get my cell phone to work with it. I use Junction Networks to get my DID and for SIP service. Here's their logo:

I tried out Wengophone for fun. Here's their logo:

Yes, an @ sign with a telephone in it. I hope one of you owns the other, otherwise both of you should be blushing. I realized this because I was constantly mixing up which Firefox tab (with the favicon) belonged to which. The favicons are nearly indistinguishable.

(There's now a SIP address listed on my Contact page that should work semi-reliably for me. For those of you who have been saying "WTF is SIP?", it's like Skype but not lame.)

Tags: junction, logos, sip, voip, wengophone
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