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Gentlemen, start your Thetans

I've recently started listening to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me again, after a long hiatus. I'm glad to be listening to it again, because it's funny -- I think it's the funniest thing I hear or watch on a regular basis -- but also because I hear about important news stories that I otherwise miss like this one, “Gentleman, start your thetans”.

Yes, Scientology is getting into NASCAR. Unfortunately there are no pics of the car, but we can infer from this description:

The hood of the car will say "Dianetics" on it, along with a volcano to mimic the book cover.

...that it will be ridiculous. And, as Wait Wait said (paraphrasing), "When the driver crashes, he won't be allowed to scream."

Tags: dianetics, nascar, npr, scientology, waitwait
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