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Rescue Me

My "server" mysteriously rebooted last night. Guess it got tired---almost 70 days up I think.

It reminded me that I need a new rescue disk. I gave away my Knoppix CD when I was in DC. It's good that I did, because it was to someone who had never used GNU/Linux before and was pretty enthralled by it. Plus, it let him use his laptop, which sprung a busted hard drive, throughout the weekend (word processing with OpenOffice and saving to floppy).

I tried several ftp servers last night to get a new Knoppix ISO, but the transfer speed on all of them was like 300 baud. I tried all of the US servers listed on the Knoppix site.  I could just pony up another $3 and get one on Ebay I guess. A CD I mean, not a server, though if someone wants to sell me a server for $3 on Ebay, I will certainly pony up.

Or I could try a different live CD. Recommendations? Would a Free BSD live CD work for me? I don't see why not. What else is there? A Mandrake one?
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