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RIAA court transcript

Read it.

THE COURT: Tell me, how do you get to the seven or eight songs for Doe 37?

MR. GABRIEL: We find these particular Doe share files, as a number of all the other Does. We then will take a picture of what is in their computer shared file.

THE COURT: Showing where it went?

MR. GABRIEL: It doesn't show a line. We know it got to their computer, and we believe that provides a sufficient Rule 11 basis for asserting downloading. Somehow it got to their shared drive, and we do take it and make -- we then download ourselves so we can confirm that it is our copyrighted recording by listening to it, by making sure this is our recording.

(Mr. Gabriel is the RIAA attorney.)

And, oh yeah, it seems to be the same Jude Judge (Hey Jude? Hah.) Owen from the "He's So Fine" suit.

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