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Moglen quote on DRM

I periodically add quotes to my quote file and don't say anything about it. The quotes from that file are what pop up in the right column of any non-blog page on my site. I added this one about DRM today, but it's too eloquent to not put here too.

No, we are not primarily fighting with you about movies. We are primarily fighting to protect our way of making software. Our efforts are designed to protect our right to modify and reinstall, improve, and share software. Don't tell us that we're off on some quixotic, romantic engagement with reshaping the movie business. We're hackers, we make software. Our concern is protecting the integrity of the process that makes software. And all the legal devices that we recommend, and all the trouble that we are making, is to protect our homeland against somebody else, who wants to come in and prevent us from doing science and technology the way science and technology should be done according to us, the scientists and technologists.

— Eben Moglen, at the 2006 Free Software Foundation Associate Member Meeting

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