johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Remember that conversation two months ago?

One of my long-term projects is consolidating writing I have around on other sites here.

At the release reading for One Less magazine in Northhampton a couple of months ago, I remember trying to share some interesting things with people and then not being able to remember the specifics about the things I was trying to share. At times like that, it's probably better not to start the story in the first place than it is to start and then trail off with, "God I wish I could remember the details."

Anyway, Chris and Matt (I think that's who I was talking to in this case), here is the description of the parallels between the Big Sleep (the film noir I couldn't remember the name of) and the Big Lebowski. It's imported from an old blog, and now that I read it, the parallels I picked out are pretty lame. But if you watch the films, I think you'll see a lot more.

Blogs are good for this kind of thing, as a backup memory.

Tags: blogging, diary, film, movie
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