johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Boston Globe says No to "Yes"

Wesley Morris of the Boston Globe did not enjoy "Yes", the film in verse. As I occasionally point out here, the Globe reviewers are sharp-tongued.

Some of Morris's thoughts on "Yes":

"Though I laughed until I cried (the movie is not a comedy)..."

"However, those in search of a work of peerlessly stupefying intellectual vanity presented entirely in iambic pentameter should stop looking. It's right here."

"That encounter is like a Prince song whose lyrics have been penned by the writer of a medical textbook."

"Potter's haughty, indulgent approach to filmmaking is alienating, to say the least."

If I were a filmmaker, I'd love to put some quotes like this in place of the traditional blurbs in the advertising for my film. Maybe I can do it for a book of poetry.

Tags: boston globe, movie, poetry, review
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