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Immortal Technique

    The bling-bling era was cute
    but it's about to be done
    I leave you fulla clips
    like the moon blockin' the sun
    my metaphors are dirty like herpes
    but harder to catch
    like an escape tunnel in prison
    I started from scratch

--- from "Industrial Revolution", Immortal Technique, Revolutionary Volume 2

The album is spine-chilling, heady, rough, intense, well-versed. The vocabulary is aggressive, vulgar, biblical, historical --- strange, and not afraid of the Illuminati.

Filled with freestyle battling roots:

    No one's as good as me
    they just got better marketing schemes


    If you go platinum, it's got nuttin' to do with luck
    it just means that a million people are stupid as fuck

But it quickly expands to scathing criticism of US drug laws, the Patriot Act, wealth disparity, involvement of the CIA in the illegal drug trade, and most other Revolutionary topics, from smallpox blankets to September 11.

Read his bio and you can see some of where these things are coming from.

Some say the beats are substandard, but I don't agree. Maybe they aren't the focus, but if you don't start bouncing around to "Crossing the Boundary", "Point of No Return" or the above "Industrial Revolution", I think you're trying too hard. But yeah, this isn't dance music.

The beats are matched to the themes in the lyrics --- the dramatic and sorrowful rhythm beneath the speech by Mumia Abu Jamal on "Homeland and Hip Hop".

For if ever there was the absence of homeland security, it is seen in the gritty roots of Hip Hop.

You can hear previews of the album at You can preview it at the Viper Records site too, but there it requires some Flash crap. By the way, Viper Records does a lot of cool shit.

You can read a sample of his lyrics, but you probably shouldn't until you hear them with the music first.

He's --- I don't know --- somewhere between Scarface and GZA? Some of the rhymes make me wince, he says things I wish he hadn't said, but in the end I'm just floored by the integrity of it all. I've got Revolutionary Volume 1 now as well --- as soon as I can manage to stop listening to Volume 2, I'll check it out.

    I started out like Australians criminal minded,
    broke into Hell tore it down and built a city behind it
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