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Week in review

JR has left the building. He smoked all the cigarettes in Boston and also left the city critically low on beer. Except for my apartment, whose refrigerator shelves are still buckling under the weight of a few dozen Miller Lites. It will take me years to drink them. I thought about listing "free beer" on Craig's List but decided that would not be a good idea after all. I have a deep-seated spiritual objection to cheap domestic beer, usually because it's manufactured by some division of the Evil Empire, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

The Avalanche are out of the playoffs. In their honor, I shaved my playoff beard. The cashier at the liquor store said he would never have guessed my age. I guess babies' bottoms don't usually buy longnecks, and I am smooth. My face is much happier. JZ has indicated a visit this summer. We will commiserate and talk nasty about Teemu then.

We spent Wednesday night drinking with Harvard Law students at the Kells, the self-proclaimed "Best Irish Bar in Boston", now serving Asian cuisine. Uh-huh. They do have $1 drafts on Wednesdays. A 1L friend we wanted to meet up with said that he was meeting some friends to celebrate being done with the semester. It turned out to be a real "me and 400 of my closest friends" kind of thing. Fun. I lost $2 (that's two whole beers!) on two proposition bets, one of which was a vote of my confidence that JR would be able to properly expand the abbreviation BFG. He could not. Yet he knew the birthplace of Herbert Hoover.

Boston is a nerdy city. Out of the two cabs we took last week, one of them was listening to NPR and the other to the BBC. The absence of talk radio, classic rock, and horrible R&B was conspicuous. A headline in a free local rag used the word "Potemkin". How much do you tip on a $4.50 fare?

Speaking of nerdy, we rediscovered the Great Khan Game. I might have to have a go at writing a computer version of this game. Its arbitrariness, which is a main reason why it's fun, might make that project hard. But if a brain can do it, a computer can do it, right HAL? It's a good sign of how much trouble I have letting things go that I still have a board game I bought when I was 14 years old — with all the pieces. In fact, I might have been 13.

If you eat at the Grasshopper, take notice. I'm used to complaining about the size of portions at vegan and vegetarian restaurants, but usually because they are too small. We were soundly defeated by this food. As Mitch Hedberg says when complaining about the massive size of New York deli sandwiches ("it's like a cow, with a cracker on either side"), "What would you like sir?" "A pastrami sandwich." "Anything else with that sir?" "Yeah. A loaf of bread, and some other people!"

Next to the Grasshopper is a pizza place which has all kinds of vegan junk food. "Chicken" fingers, etc. TJ's House of Pizza I think it's called. I'm writing this down so as to remember it later. It is also important to note that the Grasshopper has vegan cheesecake. Or at least they threaten to. It's possible that they don't actually have it at all, since they know that no one will ever make it to dessert. I don't think I'll get the Spicy Steak Fillet again though. Turns out it's just tofu stir-fried with lots of greens. Good, but other things are probably better. The tempura is great, as was the hot appetizer platter. The Tofu Eggplant Surprise (that's a name no-one would self-apply where I come from) was great.

On another night we hit up the Border Cafe for dinner and margaritas. Never been there before, since usually at the intersection of times when I'm going out and margarita weather, there is a line all the way to the Mass Pike to get in. I can see why. Someone should tell these guys that margaritas have other stuff besides tequila in them. But that someone won't be me.

I think hot water has returned to my building (knock on wood), and I am therefore starting to feel like a person again. Part of waking up has been realizing I have a whole lot of work to do. Time to get on that, right after a beer and some leftovers.

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