johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Wherefore art thou, Gandi?

My site isn't reachable right now. This seems to be a Gandi problem because Gandi isn't reachable right now either. Any other Gandi users having problems? My server is fine because people can still get to with no trouble. It's been this way since late last night. There's a good chance that mail to me might be bouncing because of this. But I still seem to be getting some mail... And z0mfg how do I turn this stupid new LiveJournal WYSIWYG editor off? Let's start with the fact that it won't let me type a comma which is why you don't see any in this post. Must be a setting in the profile. I'll check it out. I really need to set up the backup DNS. I probably wouldn't be in this situation if I had that. And I'll move the CSS file for this journal onto a different host.

Update: The problem vanished literally the second that I hit Save on this post. Life is so strange. Also LJ claims you can set your editor preference at I tried that and I'm still stuck in commaless land.
Tags: dns
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