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More Notes from Rain Taxi


James Feast, reviewing Carved Water by Zhang Er:

She makes the point that if we added up all the motion in our stop-and-start, hectic postmodern metropolises and compared it, sub species aeternas, with that of the river, relentless and undeviating over centuries, we would seem to be the slowpokes.

Added to Reading List

  • Limekiller, Avram Davidson, Old Earth Books. Collection of stories, science-fiction oriented but with Kerouac-ish run-on prose, the kind I love.

  • A Dictionary of Maquao, Han Shaogong, Columbia University Press. A novel about the Cultural Revolution written in the form of a dictionary. The story is told through definitions. There was some of this in Kundera's Unbearable Lightness of Being.

  • enough, edited by Leslie Scalapino and Rick London, O Books. Mostly avant-garde poets writing after September 11.

  • Connected: Or What It Means to Live in the Network Society, Steven Shaviro, University of Minnesota Press. Nearly 200 miniature essays, from under 50 words to no more than 2 pags. "But within the space of a few chapterlets, the reader can find herself in the midst of an intricate critique of evolutionary theorist Richard Dawkins's meme concept or a diiscussion of the connection between debt and death in the works of William Burroughs and Friedrich Nietzsche."

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