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Notes made while reading Rain Taxi.



the juxtaposition of syntactic units without use of a conjunction


the literary representation of visual art


Synaesthesia occurs when the stimulation of one sensory modality directly causes the perception of another modality; like hearing colors.


Peter Gizzi:

I think polyvocality is unavoidable. When I write, I write from the sum total of things that have made me: my loves, ideas, people I've known, teachers, the books I've read, the news, the things I've seen. The beauty of thought and/or emotion, the virtue of it, is to be able to present its field, to present the fact that it's actually in relation and living and part of something. If you can voice these things, if they can somehow be hinted at, suggested, or directly come in to speak for a moment and be part of the overall contrapuntal structure of song, then the thought is more comprehensive.

A more complicated answer would be: every once in a while I have this experience when I'm writing that when something's completed, when the voice is constituted in a certain way, when the valence is operating at a certain frequency, there's this kind of presence---it's like what I've made, what the poem has allowed for, is a reader. I would like the poems to create some type of threshhold of a presence. That's how the lyric behaves, or at least how my poetry behaves. It's like breath on a mirror. It's real. We see it. It's an apparition. It's material.

Added to Reading List

  • Love, Like Pronouns, Rosmarie Waldrop, Omnidawn.

  • The Fatalist, Lyn Hejinian, Omnidawn.

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