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Hustle and Flow

I watched Hustle & Flow tonight. "Everybody's got a dream" is the theme, even a small-time pimp with an ugly car and a shack for a house. I don't know. Does everybody? Sometimes I'm pretty sure I don't. But, maybe if you're in a place that you have a driving need to escape from, you do. In that case, though, don't you have a driving need to escape from the place you're in more than you have a dream?

It's a good film. There are some problems, though. Even though there aren't that many characters in the story, the relationships between them stay mostly unexplained. Why are these girls working for him? How did this whole thing get started? DJay is a pretty inconsistent character. How can he seem so sincere and dedicated and caring, but be a pimp? It's not very believable that he has such a friendly relationship with his (very small) harem, but has no trouble renting them out. There's also a somewhat annoying A-Team sequence where a small recording studio gets built with tools that came from nowhere. Sometimes it seems like DJay and friends have all the money in the world, and sometimes it seems like they don't have any at all. Which is it?

The penultimate scene, when DJay has his moment of truth, is brilliantly done. I won't give it away, but I get the feeling that the whole movie grew out of this club sequence.

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