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Drink from the fountain of unknowledge. It tastes like grape Shasta.

A post on boingboing about a Zork parody led me to this site, and I've been giggling ever since.

The Zork parody itself, plus the idea of having interactive fiction in wiki form (see also the Game), are entertaining enough. But, there's also gems like:

(from the entry on Mr. T)

"At this point Derrida famously got out his miniature replica of the van shown in The A-Team, and began driving it across his desk, while making engine noises."

(The Satan entry is also informative.)

"Satan is a rather friendly fellow who lives on the corner of Sixth Avenue in New York. He runs a small phone company known as Verizon. "

Ok, so there's a lot of dumb stuff too, but c'mon, this is the Internet we're talking about.

Must.. stop.. clicking.. Have a great day, everyone.

Tags: boing boing, funny, internet
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