johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

el pobre mouse #2

A new issue, full of interesting, innovative and artistic writing, which you should buy and read.

el pobre mouse #2 is now available. You can purchase it for wherever you fit on the $5-$10 sliding scale from:

Kyle Kaufman
1931-B McAllister St
SF CA 94115

Each copy has a unique handmade collage cover. Very nice.

Questions about the magazine can be directed to this address.

Featuring work by:

  • gayle leyton
  • lee ballentine
  • kyle kaufman
  • matt langley
  • dylan hock
  • dave gardner
  • carl della badia
  • jim goar
  • marlowe fawcett
  • max whetstine
  • nikki widner
  • aaron auslender
  • kari edwards
  • patrick scanlon and melissa ayala
  • justin kishbaugh
  • summer rodman
  • ellen redbird
  • stacy elaine dacheux
  • jenny wennlund
  • john sullivan
  • delia tramontina
  • thomas henwood

You can download and view the visually superior release flyer here.

Tags: magazines, poetry, writing
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