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Keith Jarrett on Fresh Air

Fresh Air recently replayed a 2000 interview with pianist Keith Jarrett.

Listening to a Fresh Air interview with Keith Jarrett, recorded in 2000.

  • He has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • He started taking piano lessons when he was 3. His parents signed him up after they realized he had perfect pitch. He was plunking out melodies from the radio on the piano at the age of 3!
  • He turned down Miles Davis because he had work for his own trio at the time, and he also wasn't sure about the whole going-electric thing. They did end up playing together occasionally.
  • He had his performance at a Heidelberg festival disrupted by people claiming that his music was neither black music nor jazz, and so it shouldn't be there.
  • He's had in general an awkward relationship with the race issues in jazz. People thought that he was black because of his hair, and there was debate going on about whether he had to be black despite what he might say he was.
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