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My electric bill

Is there any possible world in which I am actually using 2341 KWH a month?

I have a feeling that I have been paying way too much for electricity since moving into this place last April. I've never paid anything close to this before. I don't have old electric bills from previous places, but I'm pretty sure that my KWH usage was more like 400.

This is a one-bedroom apartment. I do have electric heat and hot water. There are two different meters on my bill. Last month, one of them read 766 and the other 1575. I'm the only person living here, and I turn the heat off when I leave the apartment every day. The apartment is part of a house, with maybe 6 other units in it. Strangely, the meter which read 1575 last month read only 41 in September 2005. Wtf?

I've had some intermittent hot water problems, so my current theory is that my water heater is broken in some way that causes it to use an outrageous amount of electricity and still perform poorly. Any other theories, ideas, suggestions? How many KWH do you use? It could also be that I'm paying for someone else's electricity as well as my own.

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