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Worlds collide

Two of my worlds seem to be colliding in an unexpected way.

Via Planet Plone:

Ever listen to National Public Radio in the U.S. and hear the Romanian poet, Andrei Codrescu? For many, many years, he has provided a weekly commentary with an insightful angle on the world around us.

And thanks to Alan Runyan, this world-famous speaker is keynoting the Plone Symposium in New Orleans, March 8-10. Now how cool is that! The conference schedule itself was already packed with really valuable talks in the technical and business track.

Codrescu has also been a somewhat regular guest teacher at Naropa as part of their Summer Writing Program. I did not study with him in a small group but did attend his talks, and did answer him when he asked, "Where's the beer?" on the front porch of a friend's house.

I have no idea what he is going to say about Plone. I do know that he has some interesting things to say about the communist tracking of typewriters in Eastern Europe, which could be seen as a form of DRM.

Hm, was that at Bob's house? My memory is foggy.

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