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Weird drinking tips

During my Christmas tomorrow, there will undoubtedly be some vodka drinking.

Keeping with the recent theme of communism, this is the weirdest set of drinking tips I've ever seen. "How to drink vodka and stay sober". The tips are attributed to Russian traditions.

Communism, Russia, Christmas, The Little Red Book, these are all red things. I did my Christmas shopping at Target --- also red.

Don't miss the ones in the comments. "Eat a stick of butter during taking shots."

I'm afraid us vegans are out of luck on that one, as well as "Drinks one or two raw eggs." (sic). And sick.

I've never seen anyone suggest that it's best while drinking to not drink water.

You've heard things like this before:

Keep a small bottle of beer in refrigerator. Wake up at about 5 in the morning, drink your beer and go back to bed. It prevents hang-over in the morning.


Many Russians recommend taking a shot of vodka in the morning to fights hang-over. Don't do it. It helps only alcoholics. If you're not, it will make things worse.

Right. It only helps alcoholics, not people who scheme ways to be able to drink 500 grams of vodka without getting drunk.

Lifehacker recently had a whole different variety of hangover cure tips.

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