johnsu01 (johnsu01) wrote,

Know Thy Neighbor

You can view a Google Map of 2004 political contributions in your neighborhood.

My neighborhood gave 92.982% to the Democrats. Anybody got higher?

It would be cooler if it broke it down by where the donation actually went. I'd like to know how many people around here contributed to Howard Dean vs. John Kerry. I'm sure there is another resource out there to do that, but this one doesn't. I am not on the list, as neither of these two parties will ever be getting any money from me.

It's also fun to visit the site where this data comes from, which is Fundrace, and look at the list view. It has people's job titles. I learned that the CEO of Legal Sea Foods apparently lives in my neighborhood. This is topped by a previous neighborhood of mine, which had the CEO of Big Boy Restaurants International. Mmm, coleslaw..

For those of you in MA, you can also see the list of all the people who signed the recently circulated petition to challenge gay marriage. The background story is in the Boston Globe.

There are in fact three pages of people in my neighborhood who signed it. Not so progressive after all.

Tags: gay marriage, massachusetts, politics
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