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The world's worst shopper

I've had some really miserable experiences shopping online the last couple of months. Nearly every order I've placed with multiple vendors has been screwed up in some way. I am currently dealing with 4 separate returns processes. It's starting to wear me down. Here is my unfolding tale of capitalist agony.

The first thing I returned were the bluetooth stereo headphones. They sent me a brand I didn't order, they sent me the European power charger instead of the US one, and the play/pause/power button was on so poorly that it popped off when the headphones fell off my lap onto a carpeted floor --- a fall of approximately 2.5 feet onto a soft surface. I explained all of this, they gave me an RMA number. So I sent them back. I heard nothing for some time. I followed up. They informed me that they could not issue a refund because the headphones were damaged. I reminded them that the damage was in fact the reason I was returning them, and that I didn't want a refund anyway, just an exchange. They said, "Oh." and promised to ship out a replacement. Still waiting.

The second thing was a cell phone. It was supposed to be unlocked, and usable with T-Mobile. It wasn't. There was a cute little padlock icon right next to the provider line in the service menu that I managed to pull up using a secret Contra cheat code. I wrote to them. They gave me an RMA. I sent it back for an exchange. I heard nothing. I wrote to them. They complained that I didn't write the RMA number on the outside of the package. I said I think I did, but whatever. Send me a new phone like you said you would. Next day, I get a notice in my mail from Ebay asking me to say that we have agreed to a mutual cancelation of the order and a refund. I hadn't agreed to that. They won't send me a replacement. I guess this one is more or less resolved, after I decline to agree that this was mutual and leave them some appropriate feedback.

The third thing was a bag from Booq. I ordered a Powersleeve 12, I got a Powersleeve 15. I called. They apologized, said they were out of stock, and offered me an alternative that was a totally different kind of thing. I declined, they apologized. I found the same bag from a 3rd party retailer and ordered it. Then a different person from Booq calls and tells me that they are going to send me a replacement. The bag from the 3rd party ships. The Booq person calls back and informs me that they are out of stock. I tell them I know that. They apologize. They say they are sending me something brand new for free. I say ok. They give me a FedEx label for returning the 15. I'm still waiting for FedEx to show, two return labels, a phone call, and 2 weeks later. In this case, I kind of made out. I ended up with two Booq bags for the price of one. However, the brand new thing they sent me is just a tad too small for the X40 with extended battery. So I'm not sure what I'm doing with that yet. Nice of them to actually resolve the situation, though, unlike the other stories here. They are both like cute little man purses.

The fourth thing is what has me steaming. Amazon has a listing that describes both bluetooth headphones and a bluetooth adapter. One would expect both of those things to come in the package. The listing is obviously b0rked, but it also obviously describes both parts as being The Product. The package only contained the headphones. I called them and went round and round with a couple of people in India. The conclusion was that they were going to ship me the adapter. A few days later, another pair of headphones, no adapter, shows up. I call them. They say I should send them a copy of the listing I saw and write another email. I do that. They respond with a generic and irrelevant form letter about how the best they can do is give me a refund. I send another, asking them to tell me whether the listing in their eyes does or does not describe both the headphones and the adapter. They respond with the exact same form letter.

So, I pasted my same letter back in their damn web form (the rudeness of sending you email that you cannot reply to also drives me nuts), with a prelude indicating that if I don't get an actual answer to the simple question I asked this time, I'll be calling the state attorney general.

I haven't done a lot of research on this, but it's likely that they are obligated to provide what they advertise at the price they advertised it at. They still haven't corrected the listing, but I have a cached copy just in case.

I ordered a hard drive the other day. I went to check on the status of it. There was no mention of me having ordered a hard drive. Nobody has any record of it. I re-ordered another one last night. Let's hope I don't get two.

Apparently I am the world's worst shopper.

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